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Ethically Sourced Botanical Medicine

From Seed To Bottle

It is our dream to bring you a CBD medicine 
that is birthed in resonance with the earth. 
From seed to bottle with conscious creation. 
Each drop of medicine has been blessed
awareness & breath. 

Organic / Wildcrafted / Vegan / Non-GMO 

Full spectrum CBD with
potent herbs &
pure taste. 
To deliver the potency of the medicine
in a form that adapts
 to your body 

Full Spectrum CBD

As designed by nature,
the hemp plants contain a
spectrum of active molecules 

they work together 
in cohesion to deliver this
plant medicine with superior




Pure Organic Extraction

We believe in a process that allows 
for the fullest expression of the plant
and its medicine to be extracted.
It is unique & done in small batches
to keep the integrity & purity of the medicine.
The CBD is first extracted with 
Organic Cane alcohol,
then the alcohol is evaporated, 
creating a full spectrum hemp oil 
of the highest quality. 
This method ensures that all solvent
has been evaporated and
pure full spectrum CBD oil
is all that is remaining. 

Alcohol vs CO2

CO2 not only creates a significant 
environmental impact,
but also is only extracting
one aspect of the Hemp plant. 

We strive to create a full spectrum oil,
which means using the medicine from
the entire plant.
Alcohol is the only
solvent that
extracts the chemicals
of the plant 
at the same ratios
within the plant.
Alcohol is
produced from
plants through the
process of
fermentation, it is a solvent 

made by plants for plants.

Herbal Formulations

All of our blends have been formulated
on the island of Kauai
by our team of herbalists.
Crafted with the vision of creating
medicine that resonates with the
specific energetics of your body. 
What we do not grow / harvest
here ourselves by hand,
has been sourced from small farms
with sustainability in mind.

All ingredients are Organic / / Wildcrafted


Third Party Testing

All of our Full Spectrum CBD Oil
has been third party tested.
his ensures that 
we are creating a medicine 
that is free of any solvents, 
mold, pesticides, heavy metals, 
fungi, herbicides.
Our testing also ensures 
that we are creating 
pure potent medicine that is 
synergistically blended
with the optimal amount of
Cannabinoids & Terpines
click here for test results



Grown With Love

It is our promise to source CBD medicine
that is grown organically with love
& in resonance with the Earth.

We work with small farms
to ensure that we know
where our hemp is coming
from and how it is grown.  

Join Our Collective

A tribe of visionaries
dreaming a
new life into being 

creators of our reality
sharing our hearts truth 

cultivating abundance
as we heal 

We Stand With Earth

3% of all sales go towards forest conservation


Sourced with integrity

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