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Moon Beams Elixir

Moon Beams Elixir
Moon Beams Elixir

Moon Beams Elixir



An enchanting elixir infused with herbs and flowers to help support Women's health. Calming and softening botanical allies help soothe nerves and anxious bodies. It's like a big hug from the mother of all. We could all use that support, especially pre-cycle. 



-May help relieve PMS symptoms

-Blood tonic 

-May help soothe the nervous system, nourish heart, calm premenstrual anxiety, and rebuild yin

-May support balanced mood 


+Suggested Use: Take 1-2 droppers orally as you desire. Can also be added to warm water/tea, or to a sparkly beverage.


+Ingredients: Ocimum tenuiflorum (Tulsi), Turnera diffusa (Damiana), Rosa (Rose), Hibiscus sabdariffa (Hibiscus), Nymphea Rubra (Red Lotus), Leonurus cardiaca (Motherwort), Camellia sinensis (Jasmine), Lycium barbarum (Goji Berry), Raw Honey, Cane Spirits

All ingredients are organic or wildcrafted. All natural; no additives, ever.