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Dream Kit

Dream Kit

Dream Kit


A collection of botanicals known to induce states of lucid awareness, provide restful sleep, as well as calm and tonify the nervous system.


Contains our signature Dream State Drops, a potent and relaxing night remedy known to enhance a visionary sleep. Blue Lotus, the flower of intuition, is included for you to steep a dreamy and calming tea. Accompanied by our herbal spagyric capsules, EUPHORIA, a plant-derived nootropic supplement that helps support a balanced mood, memory, and focus. 


Everything you need to support a restorative night of sleep!


+DREAM KIT includes: 

Blue Lotus Tea, 1 oz 

Dream State Drops, 30 ml dropper bottle 

EUPHORIA Spagyric Capsules


All ingredients are organic or wildcrafted. All natural; no additives, ever.