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Orders are packed Monday, Wednesday, Friday & ship the same day. Our primary focus and purpose is creating and sourcing the highest quality products possible. Everyday we are growing, sourcing, alchemizing, and branding to hold space for the creative flow and creative heart that is Fractal Forest. Our main priority is to create the best products possible and we strive day in and day out to provide this. We answer emails and handle shipping logistics Monday Wednesday and Friday. 

We craft small batches and keep our products fresh, on occasion there is a delay in shipping due to a backlog of product creation and high demand.

We run this brand from the heart, plants are sourced from the highest quality farms, our blends are all made by hand, we do our labeling, design, packing orders, marketing, bookkeeping, cleaning, organization and communications all in house with a small team.  We thank you for taking part of this journey and hope you enjoy what we have crafted for you.

If you have questions about your order or future orders please email

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