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No matter what part of the Earth you are, the seasonal shifts are upon us. We can all feel the turning, the changing, the passing of time. 
Wherever you may be, I hope that you too feel held by the nurturing rhythm of the seasons…
Here in the Northern Hemisphere, the last of the summer days still linger, allowing for gratitude of the fullness that summer is; and quite honestly gratitude, for the slowing down that begins in Nature this time of year. 
A moment to reflect and pause. Where we can attune to the environment around us and reflect how we are interwoven with the cycles of the Earth.
It seems that this passage into a new season is a big one for many - collectively we have traversed a lot through our evolution! There is a readiness to release and let go of what no longer serves, our willingness to have the courage to heal and open to new beginnings. What did this past cycle offer you in the ways of lessons and gifts?
Ultimately, we cannot show up for life with our full presence if we are disconnected. How can we lean into life itself, and be nurtured by the cycles that sustain us?
Enjoy the tips below! 
With love, 
Co-founder of Fractal Forest
  1. Rest when you need to! How is your body speaking to you during these transitions? Slowing down to tune into the natural rhythms is a great way to keep from burning out. Maybe your body is asking for more sleep, time for creative outlets, movement, etc. These seasonal shifts have been long revered as ceremonial times; a time to assess what we are letting go of and what is present to birth or tend to in our lives. How can you listen deeper?
  2. Attune to local, seasonal foods. Eating with the seasons and what is available locally keeps our bodies in rhythm with the medicine of the Earth. In the heat of summer, fresh fruits can be in abundance, as they keep us hydrated and lighter foods are preferred. As autumn rolls in, the gardens are full of squash, roots vegetables - things that will keep us warm and deeply nourished throughout the winter. What does your local farmer’s market offer? Supporting our local economies is a big plus from this as well! 
  3. Seasonal herbal support: What wild plants are in abundance around you now? One of my teachers always used to say that wherever you are, challenge yourself to get to know at least 5 plants that are growing in the wild around you. How are they speaking to you, and how was their medicine traditionally used? See if there is a local Herbal class you can attend to learn more about these plants. 
  4. Seasonal shifts are always a great time to boost your immune system. Adjusting to the changing elements can sometimes be a lot on our bodies physically. Botanical support can help the body adjust with ease, preparing for the next cycle. Fractal Forest's Immune Intelligence herbal spagyric is packed full of powerful allies traditionally known to support and vitalize your immune system. Browse our apothecary for more remedies that will nourish you : CBD blends, Shilajit, Brahma Tea...
Seasonal Blessings



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