Blue Lotus Flowers
Blue Lotus Flowers
Blue Lotus Flowers

Blue Lotus Flowers


In ancient Egyptian times Blue Lotus flowers were used in ceremonies and rituals; its essence known to produce a mild sense of tranquility and euphoria. It creates a link between the analytical and the higher through its potent impact on our subtle bodies. When infused as relaxing nighttime tea, it can invoke the intuitive realms within, connecting one more clearly with their dreams. 

+Benefit: Nervous system relaxant, can promote restful sleep, and heighten intuitive awareness

+Ritual : For a relaxing, lucid tea, use 1 full flower (or 1 tablespoon of petals) per 6-8oz of water. Bring water to just under a boil, pour over flowers and infuse for 10-15 min. 

 + Ingredients : Ethically Harvested Blue Lotus Flowers (Nymphaea Caerulea)


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