Divinity Oil

Divinity Oil

A divine blend of potent Earth medicine. 
The clearing & activating properties of Frankincense blended with the calming effects of Cannabidiol oil create a blend that help support the body into a peaceful state of being.

We create our own OLEO Frankincense extracts, rather than using a essential oil.

In this method of extraction, all aspects of Frankincense are present.

Boswellic acids contain the most healing properties,

which are activated in our full spectrum extract.

Align & clear the energetic system
Known to relieve Arthritis pain (anti-inflammatory)
Digestion/gut health
Boost immune system
Inflammation modulator
Oral health

Ingredients // Full Spectrum Cannabidiol oil, Full Spectrum Frankincense oil (Boswellia Cartei & Boswellia Sacra), MCT Coconut oil


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