Royal Hojari Frankincense
Royal Hojari Frankincense

Royal Hojari Frankincense


This fine Hojari grade resin is ethically sourced and wild harvested from the Dofar region of Oman. Nearly all parts of the tree have been used in traditional remedies and ancient healing practices. 

The resin is believed to have curative, protective, and cleansing properties. 

+ Ritual : Burn the resin on a coal within a heat resistant vessel. 

+ Species : {Boswellia Sacra}

+ Aroma : citrus, pine, sweet

Harvesting this resin is the livelihood for many of these tribespeople; this and the respect for the resin, is incentive to harvest sustainably, never taking more than is healthy for the tree. 

Please savor this treasure and share with those you love. 

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