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Luna Oil

From $66.00

A Blend of Herbs to tone and harmonize the rhythmsof the feminine  Balances Hormonal Cycles Relieves Cramping & InflamationDuring / Before Menstrual CycleRelaxes Nervous TensionDeeply Nourishes the ReproductiveOrgans & Yin EnergyAwakens the...

Immunity Oil

From $66.00

An adaptogenic blend ofwild harvested mushrooms to activate & protect your immune system. Agarikon, Reishi, & Chaga are treasured longevity tonics and adaptogenic superfoods. these adaptogens are know tohelp repair the body from excessive...

Healing Salve

From $33.00

A rich salve packed full of botanical oilsto aid in reducing inflammation& healing damaged tissues. Rub generously on muscle aches, pain, & injuries.Supreme ally for restoring Profound reliefto areas of...

Focus Oil

From $66.00

Synergistic Blend of Full Spectrum Cannabidiol Oil Support focus & concentration  Increase cognitive function Activate subtle awareness  Nervous system support  Ingredients: Full Spectrum Cannabidiol OilGotu Kola Ginkgo Biloba Gynostemma Brahmi Schizandra...

Lucidity Oil

From $66.00

This Blend had been Alchemized to bring about a state of Lucid Awareness. Calming the energetic system, holding space for restful sleep. - Pain Relief - - Sleep Aid -...

Hypnotik Oil

From $66.00

This Blend had been Alchemized to induce a state of euphoric bliss. Awaken the calming essence flowing within your being. - Euphoriant - - Relaxant - - Sedative - -...

Golden Spice Oil

From $66.00

This Blend has been alchemizedto maximize the inflammationreducing propertiesnaturally containedwithin our CBD oil Synergistic Blend of Full Spectrum Cannabidiol oil Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil Curcumin (Turmeric Extract) Black Piperine...

Divinity Oil

From $66.00

A divine blend of potent earth medicine. The clearing & activating properties of Frankincense blended with the calming effects of Cannabidiol oilcreates a blend that activates the system while bringing the body into a...

Pure Oil

From $66.00

A calming blend of pure Full Spectrum Cannabidiol Oil Pain Relief – Sleep Aid – Stress ReliefAnti-Inflammatory Ingredients:Full Spectrum Cannabidiol OilMCT Coconut Oil Organic/Wildcrafted/Vegan/Non-Gmo Click Here For Third Party Test Results

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